Hobby Chef Programmes

For those who love the art of marking specific dishes and like to learn them can take part in our hobby chef programmes. These are highly flexible with Weekends and individual classes are also available. These programmes are divided into 10 classes that are based on the specific techniques one want to perfect with. Those who are already working can join these classes to further perfect their technique and add more creativity to their work by gaining more experience.

Mini Master Chef:

This programme is specially entitled to young and enthusiastic learners who would like to grow their interest in Bakery. All young chef starting from age 8 to 14 years are welcome to be part of this fun-filled learning experience. Early preparations are the key for a great successful career ahead. These regular classes, training, and experience will allow the next generation to take their hobby to the next level. IBCA also have special toddler groups form age 4 to 7 in giving them a fun based learning of this artistic field of Bakery.

Classes Schedule:

  • Class 1: Introduction to the Kitchen (Knife Skills, Tomato Basil Soup, Salad, Table Etiquette)
  • Class 2: Breakfast (Strawberry Smoothie, French Toast, Crepes, Scrambled Eggs)
  • Class 3: Starters (Eggplant Terrine, Chicken Cocktail, veg Quiche)
  • Class 4: Bread (burger bun French bread, and Focaccia )
  • Class 5: Pasta (spaghetti, ravioli, With tomato sauce)
  • Class 6: Desserts (strawberry Pannacotta, Mango Mousse, Macaroons)
  • Class 7: Pastry (apple crumble, strawberry tart, poached pears)
  • Class 8: Pizza base(veg pizza, non-veg pizza)
  • Class 9: Potato (French Fry, gnocchi, shepherd's pie)
  • Class 10: Puff dough(veg patties, non-veg patties, cheese straw)

Fundamentals Of Pastry :

Pastries are on the most sophisticated product of the Bakery with multiple variants and filling that gives it a unique flavor all around. Extensive hands-on training and practical information are shared with enthusiastic learners from industry top experts in IBCA premium institute. These classes are well suited to new learners as well as experienced people to further refurbish their basic fundamentals.

Classes Schedule:

  • Desserts: Strawberry Cheesecake, Creme Brulee, Apple, Pineapple cake
  • Pastry: Fresh fruit pastry, Black forest pastry, Nougatine pastry
  • Baking Savoury : Focaccia, Pizza Base, Quiche
  • Chocolate: Chocolate Truffles, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Mousse
  • Desserts: Passion fruit Cremeux, Tiramisu, Vanilla Pannacotta
  • Baked Desserts: Chocolate Brownie, Brioche Pudding, Mud pie
  • Baking Sweet: Banana Bread, Madeline, Carrot cake
  • Chocolate: Tempering, Bon Bon, Filling(s)
  • Morning Bakery : Doughnut, Brioche, Muffin, Nutty Cake

Cake Decoration:

Cakes are another major product of Bakery that has become a sort of tradition of being used all over the globe for celebrating occasions. Cake's are decorated with spectacular views of presentations made with creativity and professional skills. Techniques like bow making, frills, swags, broader Anglaise, basket weave, and Sugar flowers are taught with their regular training in the live kitchens. Many types of wedding cakes with edible and non-edible decorations are offered in a series of classes.

Classes Schedule:

  • Class 1: Cake base different icing and filling, Covering, crimping crumb coat.
  • Class 2: Making homemade fondant, kneading and coloring fondant, Covering Fondant.
  • Class 3: Fabric Effects, Textured Drapes, Frills, Ribbons & Roses, Ruffles.
  • Class 4: Bows & Sugar Embroidery, Modeling Fun Figures
  • Class 5: Textures, Inlay & Applique & Overlay, Design & Handling, Presentation of Multi-tiered Cake
  • Class 6: Designing Celebration Cakes &Color Balance, using glitter focal & filler flowers, their buds and leaves brought together for cake presentation.
  • Class 7: Hand painting on Fondant, making Name plaque, making edible glue.
  • Class 8: Flooding / Run-Out / Collars & Motifs Line Drop Extension Borders & Lace Designs.
  • Class 9: Making 2D arts,3D Figuring.
  • Class 10: Costing, Pricing, and Basic Business Guidelines.

Chocolate Lovers :

One of the most loved Bakery dishes is made of Chocolates. Being enjoyed by almost everyone with their dark and unique flavor has made chocolate among the top favorite in the whole world. Chocolate is a quite delicate product and needs specific techniques to mold into wonderful recipes. Preparation from raw chocolate, mixing them with other ingredients, proper equipment usage, and final presentation for eye-catching views are taught under expert guidance.

Classes Schedule:

  • Class 1: Chocolate History& handling techniques, Rose petal Mendiant, American caramel Chocolate.
  • Class 2: Making Almond Rocks, holy basil and honey chocolate, Cardamom Masala chai chocolate.
  • Class 3: Pistachio Enrobed, Hazelnut lattes, Smoked Barks.
  • Class 4: Roasted Coriander chocolate, Almond Gianduja chocolate, Healthy Fig truffle.
  • Class 5: Intense chocolate with garnish, Hot chocolate with homemade Marshmallow.
  • Class 6: Raspberry Croquantine chocolate, Nutty bar, Rigispitz chocolate
  • Class 7: Sea salt maldon ganache, Caramel batons, Trois frere chocolate
  • Class 8: Lemon & Hazelnut Truffles, Orange and Milk chocolate, chocolate sticks.
  • Class 9: Irish cream Chocolate, Star Anise Nougatine Chocolate, Rum Truffle .
  • Class 10: Passion Fruit Bonbon, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Truffle, Caramel Chocolate Fudge.

Fundamentals Of Bread :

Loves of bread are the staple food of many cuisines around the world being enjoyed by ages of all people. Made up of flour, butter, yeast, and Sugar there are hundred of Bread varieties made with unique flavoring and shapes that are based on their local occasions. These regular classes are well suited for both new learners to basic information about bread making and experienced guys to further become experts in these highly acclaimed recipes of the Bakery field. Group and Individual classes are available on weekday along with special weekends for working professionals.

Classes Schedule:

  • Class 1: Fundamentals of French Breads: Baguette, Bagel, Sandwich bread.
  • Class 2: Pre-Ferments: Poolish and Sponges: Brioche, Doughnut, Ciabatta.
  • Class 3: Starters: Potato Sour bread, Whole wheat sour bread, Focaccia bread.
  • Class 4: Specialty Whole Grains and Organic Breads: German Multigrain, Bajara bread, Ragi Bread.
  • Class 5: Breakfast Pastries: Plain Croissant and Fruit Danish, muffins.
  • Class 6: Advanced Breakfast Pastries: Pain au chocolate, Beignets, Pancakes.
  • Class 7: Specialty Bread from France and around the World: German pumpernickel, Gluten-free bread, Rye Bread
  • Class 8: Sweet and Savory Pies and Tarts: Walnut tart, Puff Dough, Veg patties, Veg Quiche.
  • Class 9: All mix together: Dates and fig bread, Banana Bread, Apricot and Carrot bread.
  • Class 10: Sandwich Applications and Bread Showpieces for Bakery Presentation

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