Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does IBCA stand for? Which university are they affiliated with?
IBCA stands for Institute of Bakery and Culinary Arts with its main learning centre located in capital Delhi. We are one of the foremost leading institutes in India in Bakery and Culinary Arts affiliated from City & Guilds (London) affiliation with Level 3.
Q2. Which are the courses offered by IBCA for students?
Following courses are offered in the institute with premium learning
18 Months Advanced Diploma Pastry Course
18 Months Advanced Diploma Culinary Course
12 Month Diploma Pastry Course
12 Month Diploma Culinary Course
6 Month Certificate Pastry Course
6 Month Certificate Culinary Course
3 Month Certificate Pastry Course
3 Month Certificate Culinary Course
Hobby Chef Classes
Q3. Is City & Guilds, London recognized university around the world?
City & Guilds, London certificates are recognizable in 150+ countries. Across India and international these certification allows you to apply for top professional jobs as well as pursue further studies in foreign universities. IBCA has also been upgraded with Level 3 that has further enhanced our Institute reputation among the top tier learning centre for offering supervisory skills to students.
Q4. What does Level 3 from City & Guilds, London Signify?
As Per Level 3 IBCA has shown remarkable improvement in giving students a platform to hone their skills at supervisory level. IBCA covers all Level 2 & Level 3 in Bakery and patisserie food preparations. Students can use pursue other higher courses based on these level and can give City & Guilds, London exams within 3 year of completion of the course.
Q5. Does IBCA offers weekend courses?
Yes, hobby classes and specific courses are arranged on weekends depending on the group formations.
Q6. What are your views on eggless baking or any specific type of diet based techniques?
With the rapid change in modern cooking methods eggless baking, gluten-free diets etc have become quite popular for which we offer special guidance with selecting the right ingredient and adjusting techniques for better recipe results.
Q7. What are the opportunities here for BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management) graduate?
With BHM a student is asked to follow routines of all the four major branches i.e. Front Office, House Keeping, Food & Beverage, and Food Production. This adds more pressure and limited opportunities for students to become expert in any specific skills whereas courses offered by IBCA are well suited to personal skills which will aid them in easy integration in defining their career in Bakery.
Q8. How is the fees structured for a specific course?
Course fees comprise of the regular charges that include tuition fees, ingredients, and use of equipment, custom dresses, material, and taxes. Each course will have a separate fee structure mentioned in the specific brochure.
Q9. How Can I pay my fees? Do they accept in instalments?
You can pay fees by Cheque/NEFT/RTGS and also with easy instalments as per the course fee structure.
Q10. Does the Institute assist in placement?
Yes IBCA is connected with top Hotels/restaurant who regularly visits the Institute for hiring top amateur bakers for training and placements. Students have to go through selection trails and interviews which are held at the end of their respective duration.
Q11. I have very little or almost no knowledge about food preparations. Should I take admission?
Yes absolutely you can. These courses start from basic raw information which students can gain knowledge for further making learning curve to craft a career in Bakery.

Our Mission

At IBCA New Delhi Educating students for career success. We make every decision to support the career and personal development of our learners. Our curriculum, teaching and services demonstrate that we value the diverse profiles of our student chefs. IBCA New Delhi has entered into strategic partnerships with many world leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's), Suppliers and Training Resource Providers, to help provide the highest quality Industry Standard training and expose chefs student to latest technology and international operation trends

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