7 Ways to Improve Your Baking Skills


Baking is something that every chef loves. The reason may be the sweetness that attracts people. Cakes & bakeries are perfect as deserts. And Waffles are everyone’s favorite. When you are a baker and want to build your career on this from any bread baking classes in Delhi, you have to have mastery of baking skills. However, it does not limit to the bakers only as you, as a home chef, must know some basic bakery techniques to serve your family a sweet chocolate pastry after a great meal. 

But let’s be true to ourselves. Many of us don’t have the skills and even have little patience to learn them deeply. This blog is one perfect page that will give you 7 insights on ways to improve your bakery skills. So let’s get started. 

1. The recipe is The King:

A recipe is the first tool you would ever have in your hands for cooking something. However many of us don’t take the time to read and understand it properly. Bakery schools focus on this very deeply and train their students for understanding it. A 2-minute study of the recipe can save a huge amount of ingredients and time. Your chances of failure lose by more than 60% just by understanding the recipe. 

Understanding a recipe means knowing the steps, required ingredients, tools, dietary requirements, and how to cope with the present situation at hand. A recipe helps you to bake perfectly as it is a tested and proven technique. 

2. Focus on the Right Ingredients:

After going through the recipe, now it is about arranging all your ingredients. A bakery is all about mixing the right ingredients in the correct ratios. If not focused, you will destroy your cake especially when you test it on the taste factor. Make the batter and mix the ingredients hours before the actual time of the cooking. Also, understand that every procedure has a specific temperature. 

Always use fresh ingredients as it delivers your bakeries of better taste. Leavening agents and spices lose their potency after some hours but fresh ingredients always add excellence to the food. Also, don’t buy your ingredients in large quantities. 

Few things that you must follow. 

– Don’t mess with the number of eggs, flour, and sugar. 

– Try to avoid the substitutes of the ingredients whenever possible. 

– You always have a free hand on berries, nuts, and dry fruits. They will only add taste to the cake. 

3. Learn Ingredient Measurement:

The ingredients mentioned in any recipe are not the final amount you should consider. As you are cooking a dish, you must understand that with changes in sizes and amounts, the ingredient requirement will change too. You will have to use precise ratios for measuring ingredients. 

Chefs today use digital measuring scales for deciding the right ingredient amount. If you don’t have it, you can go with a spoon or cups. The liquid measuring cups are ideal for measuring liquid ingredients. Cups having marks on them are the best for measurements. 

4.    Put Your Money in Buying Baking Tools:

This is especially for professional bakers and chefs. If you have decided to completely dive in, you must buy the right tools too. See this as an investment as this will bring perfection to your work. These tools also prevent some critical moments in your process. Below are some of the must-have tools for a bakery. 

– Buy an oven thermometer. This reads the correct temperature of the oven as it is important and very rarely seen in ovens. 

– Digital Weighing Scale for measuring accurately all the ingredients. 

– A good quality mixture. 

5. Befriend Your Oven:

Taking you from the oven thermometer to the actual oven. It plays a very vital role in baking. Also, making this device your friend at work is most important as just mere settings are not capable of completing the work fully. 

Ironically, 90% of the time, ovens show the wrong inside temperature. Especially when your oven has seen years. The inside temperature maybe 100 degrees but it may show you 250 degrees. To prevent this, you can use an oven thermometer. Also, a quality oven is indeed important for a perfect bakery. Use the following five hacks. 

– Grease and flour the baking tin before use. 

– Use parchment papers for lining the trays, pans, and muffin cases. 

– You can also go for silicon foils as they are more durable and efficient. 

– Preheat the oven to get to the required temperature before starting baking. 

6. Don’t Take The Temperature For Granted:

While it’s important to read the recipe, we would certainly not advise you to follow that blindly. There is a huge difference between reading a recipe and doing something practical. You must go deep in understanding the recipe, especially the right temperature for all of your ingredients. Example- There are three different eggs and three different butter based only on temperature. 

While most of the food is fine at room temperature which is 25 degree Celsius but things need special attention when it’s a bad season outside. Other factors also affect it such as ventilation & moisture. 

7. Keep the Oven Close & Your Excitement too:

I understand how excited you are to taste your food. But over-excitement can ruin your dish. Try not to open your oven at any cost. If the situation makes it inevitable, only then do it, and that too for just a few seconds only. Interrupting the inside process disturbs the baking process as the outside cool air comes into the oven each time you open it. 

One simple way not to panic or be overly excited is to understand the whole recipe fully and do things rightly. This means preparing the ingredients correctly, setting the temperature, and waiting patiently.

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Baking is a wonderful skill. Not many people are masters of it as it goes by adapting some very basic skills and habits by practice only. If you are not a professional or a newcomer in this field but want to cook good bakeries, above are a few tips from the best bakery classes in Delhi to enhance your cooking. As you have read the blog fully, now it’s time for you to prepare for the actual show. All the best.

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