Top 7 Traditional Dishes in India


India is a food lover’s paradise, Indian food should be tried at least once by every foodie. It’s best to say that Indian cuisine is superb and incredibly diverse, coming from a variety of regions and tastes! In addition to its vibrant colour, distinct and pleasant aroma, and mouthwatering flavour, Indian cuisine is renowned for its spices and flavours.

India provides a wide variety of opportunities to sample regional cuisine and indulge the senses. However, because there are so many variations of the same food available, it can be challenging to tell the difference between the original, delicious food and its tasteless, copied version.

If you’re fortunate enough to travel around India, you’ll get to sample a wide range of cuisines and cultural traditions. If you are even interested in creating your career in this domain then surely look for the best Culinary Courses in Delhi.

The spices and flavours used in Indian cuisine, along with its vibrant colour, distinctive aroma, and mouthwatering flavour, have made it particularly well-known worldwide. Here is a list of the top 7 dishes from India that you should try in order to experience the country’s rich diversity. If you’re a foodie at heart, you should definitely try these 7 Indian dishes.

      1. Dal makhani

Although most foodies will have heard of or tried dal, there is nothing quite like eating the dish’s original version in its country of origin. The word “dal” in Hindi refers to lentils, and small black lentils are stewed for many hours to produce this delicious soup-like dish. Despite the fact that there are many variations of this lentil dish, dal makhani is in a class by itself. It represents luxury and is reserved for events like wedding receptions. There are no prizes for guessing how rich and creamy this Indian classic tastes since the word “makhani” in Hindi means “buttery.” To experience the genuine article, travel to Punjab in northern India.

      2. Stuffed paratha

Punjab’s culinary heritage goes beyond dal makhani. In northern India, stuffed parathas are frequently consumed as breakfast and are revered as the meal of champions. The word “paratha,” which means “layers of fried dough,” is derived from the Sanskrit word “atta,” and the dish certainly fits that definition. The parathas are made from the dough (or atta), which is cooked on a tava and then shallow-fried the next day. Parathas are often eaten loaded with the filling of your choosing. Despite the vast array of paratha fillings available, some of our favourites are the aloo paratha and methi paratha (stuffed with fenugreek).

     3. Dhokla

The Gujarati delicacy dhokla is a savoury vegetarian snack made of rice and split chickpeas and is hailed as the regional dish of northwest India. The meal, which tastes better than it sounds, is consumed by Gujaratis for brunch, lunch, and frequently as a snack or side dish. Dhokla is another dish that requires hours to prepare because it requires soaking the rice and splitting chickpeas into equal parts for an entire night. Baking soda, ginger, chilli, and coriander are then added to the dish, which increases its spice level and volume. This Gujarati speciality, which is typically served with fried chilli and coriander chutney, is incredibly mouthwatering.

     4. Pani puri

The northern Indian state of Bihar is thought to be the source of pani puri or gol gappa. Pani puri, which are hollow deep-fried balls made of wheat or semolina, make the ideal street food. They are served with hot tamarind water, chickpeas, and hot potatoes. Pani puri eating is a unique experience because the top of the deep-fried shell is traditionally cracked open with a spoon before the filling is added. To prevent any filling from spilling out of the delicate case, the majority of Indians consume each pani puri in a single swift bite. The majority of the nation is united by this infamous street food; everyone from neighbourhood college students to urban businessmen can be found gorging on them.

     5.  Idli

Idli is widely consumed throughout South India and is frequently compared to dosa as breakfast foods. Idli is a type of light savoury rice cake that is eaten first thing in the morning. These rice cakes are dangerously simple to consume because they are made by steaming a batter made of fermented black lentils and rice. Idli are typically served with sambar, coconut-based chutneys, or spicy fish curries because they are rather bland on their own. Idli has developed into many different varieties over the years, so you’re sure to find one that pleases your palate.

     6. Masala chai

The most well-known export from India is masala chai, which is sold everywhere from upscale restaurants to chai wallahs at train stations. Although this traditional Indian tea is available in many different diluted forms all over the world, the real thing can only be found in India. Real masala chai is made by brewing black tea on the stove with a variety of aromatic herbs and spices. Green cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, ground cloves, and black pepper are the traditional spices added to tea to produce a wonderful aroma. Nothing like waking up to a steamy cup of authentic masala chai in the morning!

     7. Kaju Barfi

Since the word “barfi” can be used to refer to a variety of Indian sweets, we’ve cheated a little bit here. But the milk barfi is the most common variety. It should go without saying that milk powder, condensed milk, ghee, and cardamom powder are the components used to make these milk-based sweets. Although barfi won’t help anyone achieve their fitness goals, these decadent, fragrant desserts are sure to make anyone who tries them smile. Even though these treats are typically given as good luck offerings at events like wedding ceremonies, there’s nothing stopping you from stopping by the candy store to pick one up to go with your afternoon chai.


Your mouth may be watering. Would you like to sample these delectable dishes for yourself? The world adores Indian food because it is unique and delicious. There are many professional institutes that offer Culinary Courses in Delhi to build your career in this industry.

The Indian subcontinent is a sizable continent with up to 36 different cuisines. However, in order to keep things as simple as possible, you can divide the food preferences into two categories: North Indian food and South Indian food. In India, many delectable dishes that are enjoyed around the world gained popularity. This is why it is not surprising that Indian food is one of the most widely consumed cuisines worldwide.

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