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As one of the evergreen field Bakery attracts thousands of youngsters every year for carving a successful career. With modern age and equipment, many advancements have transformed this Bakery into an art of its own. Famous around the world for its own look, rusty, flaky, sweet and salty taste, the bakery has carved its own uniqueness with taste and flavor has become a global phenomenon. Cakes and desserts with their assorted colors, decoration and their preparations on special occasion are now celebrated across all the countries. A customer enjoys Bakery dishes for their tempting look, amazing taste in the mouth and a feeling of wholesomeness.

In Baking, products are made from dry heating done in oven and desserts that are refrigerated for their perfect finish. A lot of natural factors also have a profound effect on the overall dish result i.e, temperature, humidity etc. Traditional manual methods are now being replaced with modern automated machines. Although their results, conditions and results remain the same but with higher consistency as well as performance. Innovation and creativity are driving Professional Bakers to add newer and better ways to present dishes.

At our Institute of Bakery and Patisserie Art Delhi, we welcome every aspirant to build their own future with comprehensive bakery courses. Our Professors and instructors are highly skilled & trained to bring on their expertise in building your initial path for building a learning curve in Bakery with sophisticated guidelines.

Step by Step Guide for Starting your Career in Bakery

Bakery profession requires one to have specific skills and work understanding of their daily activities. Although there is no pre-requisite for starting training in Bakery but with modern advancement and certification, it is must that you apply for a professional course in earning the right potential from your respective skills. There are numerous bakery dishes, traditional methods, modern creativity, and trending styles that one needs to have a learning knowledge now to get on the right platform for beginning training in 5 Star hotels or restaurants.

Bakery is unique and different from the culinary learning process as it focuses on specific methodologies only. And IBCA as one of the premium Bakery Institute in Delhi offers your the path for succeeding this career. They are accredited with City and Guild (United Kingdom) Level 3,  Tourism and Skill Council(THSC), and National Skill Development Corporation(NSDC) for guaranteeing you with national and international opportunities for scale newer heights in your career.

Our Admission Process requires one to have thorough guidelines of their course curriculum, internship program and respective training & placements from IBCA. Applicants need to have attained minimum requirements as detailed out in brochure subject to a specific course. They need to book their seat with our counsellor. Students must come at our premises for aptitude test and personal interview for final clearance for their admission procedure to go through. Our admission team and counsellors will make effective communication in offering you help in each step.

Attributes for Becoming a Professional Baker

As a Baker, you need to have the right personal attributes that will be helpful in developing your skills and experience to become a renowned individual. To make a successful career in Bakery you need to have the following attributes for building the right personality.

  • Understand their personal job description, roles and responsibilities
  • Be Disciplined, hardworking, and have the appropriate management skills
  • Have Proficient Basic fundamentals for Bakery
  • Effective Use of each Bakery equipment
  • Excellent numerical skills for calculating bakery ingredients, temperature control
  • Acquire Physical Strength and Stamina to work long hours at highest Skills
  • Maintain highest Safety, Hygiene and aware of the corresponding environment
  • Able to work in a team for better and time efficient solutions
  • Aptitude for learning even with high experience

A lot of daily activities for Professional Baker depends on the organisation they are working for. But their Basic roles and responsibilities of a Professional Baker remain the same with few adjustments.

  • Checking and Planning for the whole day activities as per your allotted schedule in the establishment.
  • Working on inventory control, writing and checking ingredients need as per the demand.
  • Preparing the raw materials for their effective use in the recipe, mixing things together at right condition, temperature and as required in the whole dish
  • Rolling, shaping and baking the final product in the oven for serving customers with proper presentation
  • Checking and Maintaining Oven for baking purpose
  • Acquire the power of observing with experience & make changes whenever required for colour, shape and consistency.
  • Ensuring all the safety guidelines, protocols and industry best practices are utilised at their optimum standards.

If you have the passion and enjoy making those crafty looking bakery products then you must apply at IBCA for suitable Baking Courses in India.

Future Prospects for Career in Bakery

Being part of the artistic field there are specific prospects and profile on which Bakers work. There is a huge demand in the Hotels and restaurants for skilled bakers at varying positions. Choosing the right course can lay down the foundation of your successful career ahead. Early apprentice, job trainee, and internship provide complete know-how for the Bakery profession. They also have the option to open their own bakery to start their own business.

At plant or wholesale manufacturing units, bakers need to work on a large machine with mixers and ovens. Producing goods in large quantities for supplying in multiple shops, vendors, supermarkets catering to a large pool of audience. Small Entrepreneurs or Bakery Owners have a retail store in the market where there are a lot of demands. Mostly trained and experienced bakers find jobs in these spaces with work on automated machinery.  There are also few specialities bakery options that one can find to showcase their skills to the general public.

Bakery Chef, Cake Specialist, Pastry Chef or Patisserie Specialist, Bread Experts, Confectionary Baker, with Institutional and Cafeteria Bakers are some of the Job titles for this craft found in the industry where they can further grow to increase their skills and hierarchy to earn for their lifetime. Although the work involved in these positions have the same profession while Job responsibilities for the respective company will depend on the type of establishment. After completing your internship you will be able to start your career with Rs 10,000 -Rs 15000 per month while with experience it will rise to Rs 40K to Rs 50K per month. While Entrepreneurs who start their own bakery after suitable industrial experience have taken profits in the range of Rs 1 Lakh to Rs 2 Lakh in for every month. Also, there are a lot of opportunities abroad and can earn huge even in their beginning as well.

Courses Offered at IBCA

All the courses offered here at IBCA uses the highest bakery standards and best industry practices to give students a thorough perspective of their life in choosing their career as a Professional Baker. Key Features of the Courses with duration are described below:

  • Advanced Diploma with Certification recognised from City and Guilds UK Level 3 (18 Months)
  • Professional Pastry Chef Programme recognised from City and Guilds UK Level 2 (12 Months)
  • Professional Pastry Chef Programme with accreditation from Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council (THSC) and National Skill Development Corporation (6 Months)
  • Home Pastry Chef Programme in Bakery and Pastry (3 Months)
  • Hobby Chef Programmes with Mini Master Chef, Fundamentals of Pastry, Cake Decoration, Chocolate Lovers, and Fundamentals of Bread

IBCA has gained national and international popularity for its comprehensive courses to become one of the best Professional Bakery Courses In Delhi. Each of these courses has a specific curriculum made with International standards and have a systematic prospect for making a beginning in this comprehensive field of the bakery. Students must be given comprehensive guidance and information at the time of their admission. Skills & experience play a major role in attaining the career goal of individuals. Our Institute IBCA is also connected with many top hotels, restaurants and other organisation for students internship programs as well as their direct placements for effectively starting their career in this professional field of Bakery. Join Now to learn these amazing oven cooked bakery product and take control of career in your own hands.

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