How to Start a Bakery Business in India in 2022- Easy Tips

Bakery Business

Bakery is a very old business, existing for more than 500 years. But in recent years, bakeries & their products have gained remarkable growth in terms of business. Results people are inclining towards the taste of baked goods and making a profit by opening offline & online stores. 

The bakery industry can bring a large profit to you. According to a report, the Indian market is ready to have an increment of 8.5% of CAGR between 2021 to 2026. It can reach a value of USD 12.39 billion by 2026. 

This blog is a detailed step-by-step plan on how you can start your own bakery business in India after completing your training in bakery classes in Delhi

Create a bakery business plan:

Before starting a bakery business, create a blueprint of your start, progress, targets, budget, and future. Focus on the following points to understand better. 

– Create a summary of your bakery business. Write down why you are starting this business. Also, write the mission & vision of your bakery business. Now design a menu card, your bakery service type, and details of your management. 

– Go through the industry analysis. Find out your competitors, audience, and the best location in your city. 

– Find out your strength and weaknesses to understand your capacity for the business. Also, think about the opportunities and threats that will come along with the business. 

– Create a business budget plan before entering the market. Be sure that you have savings in case it takes time to settle up your business. 

– Also create a marketing plan to promote your business. 

Choose a location:

One of the most important factors for any growing business is its location. Find out a place in the market or near the market where people visit regularly. Your ideal place would be a high-footfall shopping street. 

You should search for a 700-900 sq ft place having two floors. One, where you can cook your bakery and the other to serve & show the bakery items. Make sure that it is easily visible to the people in the market. However, you can go with different choices as per your comfort. The rent for a 700-900 sq ft area would nearly cost you an average of 30K per month. 

Get all the licenses required:

Like every other industry, a bakery also demands authorized licenses from the government. Police and food authorities can shut down your business anytime if you miss any of these licenses. FSSAI, GST Registration, Police Eating House License, Fire License, and Local Health License. 

Out of all these, you must issue FSSAI, GST, and local municipal health licenses before you open your outlet. Rest you go with time and can issue them later. 

Hire Manpower:

Being the owner of a bakery means you need a good workforce. You need to hire Chefs, and service boys to entertain your customers properly. Ideally, the total of working people in any bakery restaurant should be 10-15 which includes Head Chef, Chef De Parties, and Commi Level Chefs. 

The salary of every employee in your bakery depends on their respective experiences. 

Buy all equipment:

A bakery outlet demands a complete set of equipment for making bakery goods. Notably, each piece of kitchen equipment in a bakery can be costly cause of its stainless steel long-lasting material. 

A bakery outlet needs Planetary Mixers, Oven, Deep Fridge, Cooling Fridge, Working Table, Gas Stove, Cylinders, and Storage Utensils extra. Also, you can for some 2nd hand equipment if you want to save money. Although the challenges with 2nd hand equipment will come along. 

Design the display area:

There is a saying in business- ‘What you see will see’. A bakery outlet is such a place that needs a presentation. A presentation of such kind can attract people and convince them to buy your cooked items. 

For this, you need to decorate the front of your outlet with attractive paints, banners, and a logo. Also, set the display area such that people notice it and walk into your restaurant. For cakes & pastries, you require a display fridge with good storage space. 

Install POS:

POS system is advanced management software. You can use it as a billing machine in your restaurant. Today POS software also includes inventory management system software. For a restaurant or bakery good, it is a very must tool for you. Before buying one for your outlet, make sure to double-check all its features. Its prices can differ based on the features it offers you. 

Focus on Marketing:

Marketing and promotion of your outlet is and will be an integral part of the business. It takes your new business to people and helps it to flourish. Get a business log and trademark it. Create a well-designed menu card for your customers. Get some pamphlets and spread them throughout the city. If possible, advertise your business on the radio. You can choose big hoardings and Google Ads too. 

Decide a Staff Uniform:

Uniforms are the best way to promote your brand. Simultaneously a uniform leaves a professional effect on everyone. Make sure that all your employee wear the set dress code so that your visitors can feel a sense of professionalism. Make sure that they are hygienic, good-looking, trendy, and well smart as a professional one. You can go for smart shirts, chef coats, t-shirts, and aprons for your outlet. 

Make partnerships with online food delivery agencies:

Today it is very important for any bakery to go online. An online presence helps your bakery to generate customers from all sides of the city irrespective of your location. Also, it creates awareness about yo

ur outlet among the local & global people. 

Also make a partnership with online food ordering companies like Swiggy, Zomato, and any local one (if any). This will increase your reach in the city and also help market your outlet and products effectively. 

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Bakery is indeed a very profitable business idea in today’s time. But before opening a bakery outlet, you must understand all the factors and create a concrete plan. Above are some of the necessary steps for anyone opening a bakery shop. You can also join the best bakery classes in DelhiChef IBCA to learn about the bakery and get suggestions from experts in the field on this matter.

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