All the culinary students have this question that always bothers them inside their heads. Most of them generally are quite confident about their placements abroad, however, which country has the most demand for young professionals from all over the world is a real question to think about. The very first thing that would matter will be making great food. This is the secret after all which can earn you your deserving passport for a job outside the country. Different nations always welcome chefs from other countries who are well versed in their own country’s authentic dish. Due to the globalization and liberalization of modern society, people enjoy different kinds of cuisine options under one roof. For example, British chefs were always made welcome in the far-flung corners of the Empire, while the first Indian restaurant opened in London 200 years ago and the first Chinese in 1907. The superpower of taking flavors of a part of the world and enriching the other part is pretty dope.

India has always been justly proud of its cuisines. This makes the traditional Indian cuisines not only loved in India but it is in great demand all around the world. The market of chefs in India has been rising a lot nowadays. Many culinary schools help students become well-polished professionals and let them spread their wings in making delicious foods all over the world. Being the capital of India, there are many Culinary Courses in Delhi. The students get to acquire Diploma in Culinary Arts like 18 months Advance Professional Programmes Course in Culinary (LEVEL 1), 12 months Diploma Professional Culinary Programme Course (LEVEL 2), 12 months Certification Course in Culinary (LEVEL 1), 3 months Certificate in Home Professional Cooking in Culinary and many more. Eminent restaurants and hotels hire chefs from India as well as different nations to cater to the gourmet class of the country as well as abroad too.

The profession of a chef is quite flexible. You may have to move to different countries every month and work for over 9 to 10 hours per day. If you are a novice in the profession, you can choose to serve on a cruise ship, maybe making breakfast in the Bahamas, lunch in Miami, or evening meals somewhere on the coast of Cuba. You need to work hard but it can be quite interesting. It is always a good decision to serve in cruise and merchant navy ships to start with. These ships provide you with an opportunity to learn your trade well as well as the art of preparing food perfectly but with much less time, more than any restaurants or hotels out there. It can be quite a hassle finding the perfect hotel or restaurant with good pay. Considering it as your first job, start with the low-hanging opportunities like British-owned businesses in resorts that are popular with British tourists. Working there will increase your engagement with the locals and experience abroad then you can opt for some other place with a better opportunity than you truly deserve.

Current statistics show that Australia has a major demand with 2700 chefs and secures 22nd place in the list of the nations demanding chefs from all over the world. In New Zealand too there is a good market for the profession however it comes with many requirements. Canada has a good market too. America has been at the forefront of modern catering at different levels. Your aim in those parts of the world should be to become a professional chef permanently by buying or creating a business employing local people. Thus, moving outside the country can be a major cultural shock with different climates, cuisines, and people of different preferences to deal with. However, if you can deal with these conditions to cope up with the new workload and working atmosphere of this rising industry, you can shine with flying colors in the future and acquire your dream life.

As a premium Bakery and Culinary Institute, we at IBCA, help you to acquire all the necessary knowledge for building your career. Not only does our institute comprise an expert team of instructors but also we are equipped with the latest infrastructure and technology. with an international curriculum, we provide extensive practical training to our students. Here, the students get to learn in a disciplined environment that enables them to excel in the competitive era.

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