Best Baking Courses and Classes in Delhi

Bread Baking Classes in Delhi

Every skill in this modern world requires regular practice and proficiency of the highest level. Baking course with its wonderful dishes of Cakes, Pastries, Desserts, Chocolates, Bread and assorted food items is surely where one needs appropriate guidance and learning to make a career in this artistic field. Institute of Bakery and Patisserie (New Delhi) is one of the leading learning centers of Bakery and Pastry courses. This standalone technique opens the path for making a smart career as well as start own bakery for running a business.

Courses Offered at IBCA Institute New Delhi

There are many courses offered at IBCA for both beginners and professionals in Bakery to provide them with a learning curve for a strong career ahead. Every individual possesses different aptitude, skills, and requirements which will help in choosing the most sophisticated course.

Certification Courses

These programmes are structured to built career-defining Pastry courses for beginners and lay down the path for transforming them into top bakers for the future.

  • 1 Year Diploma Course In Bakery and Patisseries: Certified by City and Guilds (United Kingdom) this course is internationally recognized in more than 150+ countries and offers a comprehensive professional approach in building student career with no or little prior knowledge of the Bakery fundamentals.
  • 6 Months Certification Course in Bakery and Patisserie: Certified by Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council (THSC) and National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) this course guides students step by step in building skill proficiency in Bakery with assisted guidance from top industry experts.
  • 3 Months Certification Course in Bakery and Patisserie: This 12-week course is well suited for beginners to hone their skills in Bakery for an entry-level position in the industry. A more practical approach, extensive live kitchen training and rubbing hands with experts prepare students for challenges in the industry.

Hobby Courses

There are many hobby courses offered at IBCA based on specific classes and also on weekend for those who are already working. Each course has a suitable structure that one needs to follow to absorb the knowledge from experts in live kitchen training.

  • Mini Master Chef: As the name suggests this programme is specially designed for age group 8 to 14 years with an introduction to some of the basic fundamentals of Bakery along with few important methods and techniques.
  • Fundamentals of Pastry: Being one of the most important parts of the bakery dishes, get special classes to master all pastry recipes. Starting with dough preparations, types, proper handling, practical fixes, oven use, and final presentations that will further strengthen your hold in Bakery profession.
  • Cake Decoration: Cake is again of main bakery recipe having global demand and in this course, applicants go through various basic methods, preparations, patterns, and final presentations for decorating multiple types of cakes as per occasions.
  • Chocolate Lovers: Surely with their dark and unique Chocolate is one ingredient that everyone feels good to taste with. Also, learn about how to prepare and work with different type of chocolates, famous recipes, and presentations to woo
  • Fundamentals of Bread: One of the staple food there are hundreds of different types of bread being made in multiple cuisines with few modern variations. Learn all the basic processes, suitable use of ingredients, dough preparations, specialty bread from around the world with gluten-free recipes as well.

Why Join IBCA?

With more than 10 years in Bakery, IBCA has grown into one of the premium institutes for transforming young amateurs on the path for becoming professional bakers in the future. They have the right infrastructure, top experts, and hands-on training methodologies for best Baking classes in Delhi. Here are some of the reasons to join these courses right away.

  • Well structured courses for beginners and BHM graduate for enhancing skills to work in the industry
  • Latest infrastructure, equipment, and kitchen layouts to give real-time experience in bakery
  • Updated curriculum with modern changes in recipes, preparations, presentation and diet based methodologies
  • Ensures teacher-pupil ration of 1:10 for better learning and guidance in practical classes
  • Course materials, practical equipment, ingredients, uniforms, and hostel accommodations are provided

If you are looking to make a career in Bakery or want to learn any specific techniques then IBCA is the right place for you.

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