Who We Are?

IBCA is a leading institute in teaching and learning for comprehensive Bakery and Culinary programmes with national and international certificates. Accredited with City & Guilds (London), Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council, India (THSC), and National Skills Development Corporation, India (NSDC).

We have top industry experts who have gained a wealth of experience in this industry to prepare the next generation for upcoming challenges in their Bakery and Culinary Arts career. All our Courses follow an international curriculum to give students the right exposure for equipping them with the highest standards. IBCA follow strict guidelines that instil discipline and aptitude in students for preparing them as per the prevailing industry standards.



What We Do?

We transform amateurs with little or no knowledge of Bakery and Culinary Arts into hard-working professionals who are ready to compete in this challenging world for crafting their own career. IBCA provides them with suitable opportunities to uplift their amateur career with professional guidance.
Our Bakery and Culinary Arts instructors will share their knowledge, a wealth of experience and pave the path for students to take their skills to the next level. We provide them with excellent training and methods being applied as per the international standards so they can stand among the top professionals chefs around the world and feel proud of their skills.


IBCA has become an excellent platform for newbie’s to learn and master the field of Bakery and Culinary Arts in their sophisticated courses. All courses have a standard curriculum to give students guidance in various methods, process, preparations and building recipes from scratch. Bakery and Culinary Arts recipes are articulative, precise and require precise skills for which students must take initiative in learning the basic concepts. All students are given equal opportunities to learn and master the basic concepts of the bakery to grow their professional skills.

Features that make IBCA standout as one of the best institutes for Bakery and Culinary Arts are:

  • Skilled and proficient team of instructors
  • International Curriculum to give students the right exposure
  • Extensive Hands-on training and Practical learning
  • Built with modern infrastructure and always updated with the latest technologies
  • Top industry experts share their personal and professional experience and knowledge
  • Impeccable Career guidance and counselling for making a career in Bakery and Culinary
  • Instil discipline, learning approach and progressive attitude in students to excel in this competitive age

Our Mission

To be at the forefront as a leader in making IBCA as a premium learning centre for Bakery and Culinary Arts in India. Guiding next generation future Students with highest teaching standards and take initiative in adding more creativity in their learning curve.

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