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This 18 Months Advance Diploma Culinary Level-3 Diploma in Culinary Arts and supervision (8064-06) Course accredited by City and Guilds, London(U.K) is ideal for anyone Looking for a successful career in food preparation and cooking, from new starters to experienced professional looking to specialize in Culinary or move into a supervisor role. A combination of theoretical and practical classes, this extensive course gives a thorough insight for learners about the various techniques prevailing in the industry.

18-month advanced diploma in culinary arts

This course offers the finest training in Culinary courses in Delhi. it is suitable for anybody interested in a successful career in food preparation and cooking, from newcomers to seasoned professionals seeking to specialize in Culinary or advance to a supervisory position. And even for those who wish to start their own restaurant as a culinary chef.

If you want to invest only once and never again in learning. We always recommend you go for the 18-month Diploma in culinary arts course because it has 3 months of extra training that is not available in the 12 Month Diploma course. You must do it, especially if you are thinking of starting your own restaurant because we have entrepreneurship and management training only in the 18-month Diploma in culinary arts course. Even hotel and restaurant managers look for someone who can manage the kitchen and other chefs.

Culinary chefs are one of the most in-demand and well-paid professions in the hospitality sector. This has created a high demand for good culinary courses in Delhi and all around the globe. And realizing this we opened one of the best culinary schools in India, IBCA. IBCA offers four culinary courses in Delhi which have been constructed for students to suit the different stages in their careers and their different needs. The best one for people who are really serious about making a career is the 18-month advanced diploma course.

What do we teach in our culinary courses in Delhi that makes us one of the best culinary schools in India?

The whole in-house course has been divided into 36 weeks.

In the first few weeks, we teach you the foundations that are taught in all the best culinary schools in India. We talk about food safety, the hospitality industry, its management, and the professional roles and jobs in the kitchen so that you know how to lead your team.

Then we get to the types of ingredients and all the cooking methods that are used in the culinary arts. By the end of this, you will have completed about 1/3rd of the course. Then we will talk about the raw ingredients that you will use to cook the dishes and teach you to identify and quality test them so that you never choose poor ingredients. Then we will discuss desserts, followed by the display of food, healthy cooking, and different continental cuisines.

And finally, we work on your personality development and teach you the management and entrepreneurial skills to reach a supervisory position or start your own business in the hospitality niche!

In this 18-month diploma in culinary arts course, 9 months will be spent training in our kitchens, about which I have told you above, and the other 9 months will be spent practicing in real industry hotels and restaurants.

Once you have completed your in-house training through our culinary courses in Delhi branch and finished working in the hotels and restaurants, you will report back, and we will take a final review and assessment of your training because soon the 5-star hotels and restaurants will come for placements.

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Course Accreditation:

This Diploma is accredited by City & Guilds, London(U.K.), which upon completion, can pursue a career in this artistic field or take a further initiative in International degree and Courses.

Who Can Enroll?

  • Minimum 16 years of Age
  • Students must be 10th Passed from any certification board.


Winter Session: January

Summer Session: July


09:00 am to 02:00 pm

This 18 Months Level 3 course program has all the elements to transform young amateurs into Culinary professionals. For 12 months, students go through extensive practical training under the guidance of IBCA professors who give them thorough learning and best industry practices. Grinding the next generation of students into basic fundamentals, techniques, and daily activities that are a must for their learning curve.

For the next 6 months, students are on live industrial training in the topmost five-star hotels and restaurants to experience the daily work schedules for maintaining as a professional chef. After which their internal assessment is carried out with examinations later along with there are opportunities to get placements in the topmost hotels and restaurant chains.

Class Includes:
  • Chef uniform
  • Tools kit
  • Full course study and raw material
  • Every day tasting session/take home your food
  • Internship in 5 Star hotels/Fine Dining Restaurant
  • 100% Assistance in Placement after Course Completion

IBCA ensures students get the right attention and focus on their approach to grasping comprehensive culinary techniques in every session. Extra instructors are provided in each session when the teacher-student ratio goes above 1:10. These checks, tests, and priorities keep students on the path to acquiring sophisticated skills with an impeccable experience.

First, 9 months are dedicated to practical learning in the Institute, with the rest of the 9 months for training in the industry. They must go through the rigorous daily activities inside these professional kitchens. After completing the industrial training, the student needs to report back for a quick review of their training and assessment, after which companies come for placements. IBCA is connected with some of the best hotel and restaurant chains who offer best opportunities for newcomers to gain the right experience at the beginning of their careers.

Fees Structure:

  • Tuition Fees: INR 5,40,000/-
  • GST(18%): 97,200/-
  • Grand total: INR 6,37,200/- *
  • * Fees will be non-refundable

1. Do you have any other branches?

Yes, Institute of Bakery and Culinary Arts has 2 branches. One is located in New Krishna Park, Vikaspuri, New Delhi and other is located in DDA Flats, Vikaspuri, New Delhi.

2. What kind of courses do you offer?

We offer specialization in two major disciplines of food: Culinary and Patisserie. The courses are Full Time and Short Term. You can choose the course depending on whether you want to make a career in the culinary/Bakery industry or you want to learn it as a hobby. The full-time courses are meant for those who want to work for 5-star hotels, leading restaurants, and bakeries or who want to open their own venture. Hobby or Customised courses are meant for those who wish to learn the skills to enhance their passion.

3. Have very little or almost no knowledge about food/ Baking. Should I take admission?

Yes, absolutely you can. These courses start from basic information, which students can gain knowledge for further making learning curve to craft a career in Bakery or Culinary Arts.

4. Is your courses 100% eggless?

We follow international cuisines, and eggs are used in most of the recipes. (our course is 70% egg-based and 30% eggless). Whereas most of the bakery products with egg-based have no replacement for the same.

5. What are the eligibility criteria required to join?

A student should be at least 16 years of age and have basic knowledge of English. There is no maximum age limit. He /she should have completed his/her 10th class.

6. How Can I pay my fees? Do they accept instalments?

Yes, IBCA is connected with top Hotels/restaurants where students go for training and placements. Students have to go through selection trials and interviews, which are held at the end of the course.

7. Does the Institute assist in placement?

Yes, IBCA is connected with top Hotels/restaurants where students visit the Hotels/restaurant training and placements. Students have to go through selection trials and interviews, which are held at the end of their respective duration.

8. What does Level 3 from City & Guilds, London Signify?

City & Guilds, London certificates are recognizable in 150+ countries. Across India and internationally, these certifications allow you to apply for top professional jobs and pursue further studies in foreign universities. IBCA has also been upgraded with Level 3, further enhancing our Institute's reputation among the top-tier learning centers for offering supervisory skills to students.

9. Does IBCA offers weekend courses?

Yes, hobby classes and specific courses are arranged on weekends depending on the group formations.

10. How is the fees structured for a specific course?

Course fees comprise of the regular charges that include tuition fees, ingredients, use of equipment, custom dresses, material, and taxes. Each course will have a separate fee structure mentioned in the specific brochure10

11. What are the opportunities here for BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management) graduate?

With BHM, a student is asked to follow the routines of all the four major branches, i.e., Front Office, Housekeeping, Food & Beverage, and Food Production. This adds more pressure and limited opportunities for students to become experts in any specific skills, whereas courses offered by IBCA are well suited to personal skills, which will aid them in easy integration in defining their career in Bakery.

12. Will your institute help with bank education loans?

No, the Institute does not offer any bank loans; however, students in the past have secured a bank loan basis on registration documents that they receive once they join our courses.

13. How is your institute different from others?

The teaching is almost 100% Hands-On - every student has to make their own product.

  • All chef faculties have worked for leading hotel brands and are now working full time with the Institute.


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