12 Months Certification Course in Culinary (Level 1)

12 Months Certification Course

Overview : This 12 months Level 1 and Certificate in Food Preparation and Cookery Course accredited by THSC and NSDC India is ideal for anyone Looking for a successful career in food preparation and cookery, from new starters to experienced professionals looking to specialize in Culinary or move into supervisor roles. A combination of theoretical and practical classes, this extensive course gives a thorough insight for learners about the various techniques prevailing in the industry.

How the Course is Structured?

Accredited THSC Commie Chef Level 1 course program has all the elements to transform young amateurs into Culinary professionals. For 6 months students go through extensive practical training under the guidance of IBCA professors who give them a thorough learning and best industry practices. Grinding the next generation of students into basic fundamentals, techniques and daily activities that are must for their learning curve. For the next 6 months, students are on live industrial training in the top most five-star hotels and restaurant for experiencing the daily work schedules for maintaining as a professional chef. After which their internal assessment is carried out with examinations later along with there are opportunities to get placements in the top most hotels and restaurant chains.

professional Culinary

Regular Assessment

IBCA ensures students get the right attention and focus on their approach to grasp the comprehensive cooking techniques in every session. Extra instructors are provided in each session when the teacher-student ratio goes above than 1:10. These checks, tests and priorities keep students on the path for acquiring sophisticated skills with impeccable experience.


In 12 months certificate course, the first 6 months are dedicated towards practical training in the institute and the rest 6 months are assigned for training in the industry which is optional. The students must go through the rigorous of daily activities inside these professional kitchen and assessment.

Course Accreditation:

This Diploma is accredited by THSC India.

Who Can Enroll?

  • Minimum 16 years of Age
  • Students must be 12th Passed from any certification board


Winter Session: February

Summer Session: July


Mon-Sat: 02:00 pm to 06:00 pm

Weekly Details:

  • Week 1: Food safety hygienic and Theory, measures, Knife skill, cutting and conversions
  • Week 2: Basic knowledge and introduction of ingredients.
  • Week 3&4: Practical Cooking techniques and cold preparations
  • Week 5&6: Basic Soups stocks and Basic sauces
  • Week 7&8: Vegetable, fruits ,pulses and potatoes preparations
  • Week 9&10: Meat, poultry and offal preparations
  • Week 11&12: fish and shellfish preparations
  • Week 13&14: Rice ,grain, farinaceous and eggs preparations
  • Week 15&16: Buffet and staff meal ,Healthier food and special diets
  • Week 17&18: Indian Cuisine and International Cuisine
  • Week 19&20: Practical culinary techniques, French pastries
  • Week 21&22: Specialty cakes, hot ,cold pudding and plated desserts
  • Week 23&24: Interpersonal & Communication Skills Work effectively as a cook Provide service to customers Show social and cultural sensitivity Manage conflict Communicate on the telephone Coach others in job skills Exam-Theory and Practical (Mandatory for Certification) Arranged by IBCA –New Delhi
  • Week 25 to 52: Industrial Training (Optional)
professional Culinary
professional Culinary

Fees Structure:

  • Booking Amount-Rs.20,000
  • Tuition Fees-Rs.50,000
  • Examination Fee-Rs.15,000
  • GST(18%)-Rs.15,300
  • Grand Total-Rs.1,00,300

Note: Program Fees Include the following

  • Chef uniform
  • Kitchen tools kit
  • Full course study and raw material
  • Examination Fees
  • Every day tasting session/take home your food
  • THSC Exam Registration Fees

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